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Banana Chips Wholes
Organic / Non-organic
Sweetened and Unsweetened
Round slices of carefully selected mature, green Saba banana, fried in coconut oil and dipped in our special sugar syrup solution for added banana flavor. For those who prefer the all-natural taste without added sweetness, our Unsweetened version features our Saba bananas, cut into round slices and simply fried in coconut oil.

Minimum Order:
1 x 20 Full Container Load = 1,625 cartons x 15 lbs net
1 x 40 Full Container Load = 3,400 cartons x 15 lbs net
                                                   4,050 cartons x 12 lbs net
                                                   4,800 cartons x 11 lbs net

Our Banana Chips come from superior quality and fresh bananas. These bananas are then sliced and cooked in our manufacturing plants, producing the sweet, very crispy banana chips in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our Banana chips come from the deep-green fruits of the Saba variety “Musa Spientum Var Saba”, a fruit indigenous to tropical regions such as the Philippines. The bananas are prepared with natural ingredients, ensuring that each chip is bursting with nutrients and minerals. 

An all-natural health snack, B-G’s banana chips enjoy consistent patronage from our loyal foreign consumers. They are eaten as a regular snack food, or used as confectionery and muesli ingredients.

Thin Slanted Wholes
Long Cut