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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic / Non-organic

Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made from freshly harvested Philippine coconuts which are cold-pressed with low moisture content. It is guaranteed fresh, non-deodorized and non-hydrogenated, unbleached and unrefined. It is also free of GMO ingredients, micro-sediments, artificial colors, chemicals, rancid odor and taste.

Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is highly nutritious and contains a disease-fighting acid called lauric acid. Aside from it being a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, it also has anti-aging and pain-relieving effects, moisturizes the skin, conditions hair, removes make-up and boosts metabolism.

Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is widely used in confectionery and food preparation such as cakes, ice cream fat, chewing gum, coffee flavouring, oils and sauces. Non-food uses include personal care ingredients, animal feeds, insect repellents, furniture polishers, nutritional supplements and arts and crafts projects.

Packaging: 1 x 20 Full Container Load

                    20 liter Plastic pail x 600 Plastic pails
                    190 liter Steel drum x 80 Steel drums
                    900 liter IBC tank x 20 IBC tanks
                    also available in PET Bottles, HDPE Bottles and
                    Glass Bottles

Storage:     Store in an ambient temperature, in a dry place
                    away from direct sunlight. It will become solid
                    and cloudy below 25°C but this has no effect on
                    its wholesome quality.

Shelf life :  2 years